CLEANER: Premium Cleaning Duo Kit

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Size: 250ml

The go-to cleaner for sneakerheads and professionals alike.

Our marshmallow scented Premium Sneaker Cleaning Solution comes in a 250ml bottle which can clean up to 100 pairs. Safely cleans suede, leather, mesh, nubuck, canvas, knitted uppers and more.

Our solution has outstanding results cleaning denim bleed, grease and oil.


The safest brush for all materials including delicates.

FSC approved natural wood from 100% well-managed forests and natural fibres from the Mexican Agave lechuguilla plant.

This soft to medium bristle fibre has great liquid holding and release properties which absorb 65%  more water than artificial plastic fibres.

Our brush keeps its qualities and smoothness over time.


Shake well before use

Add a small amount of lukewarm water to bowl (approx 200ml)

Add 1 to 2 capfuls of cleaning solution and dip the brush into a bowl

Shake off excess water and gently work the solution into sneakers (do not soak)

Gently work up a light foam

Wipe off excess with a microfibre cloth

On suede, when dry, brush up the nap.


As with all sneaker cleaners, test on an unseen area and use with caution, especially on deep dyed colours

Naturally, air-dry your sneakers and when possible dry in direct sunlight

Do not dry in artificial heat

If needed, pack sneakers with tissue to aid in the drying process.