Sneaker Laundry Terms & Conditions

Laundry Loss & Damage Policy

Sneaker Laundry at all times takes great care and protection with customers sneakers but in the event we are responsible for the loss or damage to sneakers please contact us asap and provide all relevant information.

We are fully insured so please rest easy that when sending your sneakers to us you are sending to the safest sneaker laundry possible.

1. Until sneakers arrive with us they are you the customer's responsibility, therefore it is always advised you send SIGNED FOR, we are only responsible for your sneakers from the moment we sign for them at the laundry until they arrive back at your door.

2. Please always pack your sneakers well, boxed or even double boxed for expensive sneakers is always recommended.

3. Sneakers that are lost or damaged we will pay out on but please be aware that sneakers are ONLY worth the actual retail price and NOT resell price, please take this in to consideration when shipping your sneakers as we will not change the terms from this, please see example below

a. Adidas Stockholm, Retail £90, Resell £170 = £90 + shipping cost returned.

b. Nike Travis Scott, Retail £130, Resell £1000 = £130 + shipping cost returned.

c. Balenciaga Triple S, Retail £725 = £725 + shipping cost returned.

4. In most cases we will ask for a store receipt or proof of purchase, we will not accept a STOCKX or GOAT Receipt as these are not retail value.

5. If you require your shoes to be insured for more for return shipping then please select the CORRECT RETURN SHIPPING PRICE, this means on the return journey of your sneakers you could claim full value if receipt is provided.

6. We refund or replace the value of the sneakers not the service as you would be receiving back the same or better value / condition.

7. We will not be responsible for Sneakers that are redirected to a pick up point by the customer or are left in a 'safe place' by courier, we will send with a service for customer signature only.