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How to protect your sneakers with Sneakers ER

Winter is fast approaching and with that comes rain, sleet and snow. Pretty much the worst possible conditions for sneakers, until now that is.

We'll show you how easy it to protect your sneakers with our Superhydrophobic Pump Spray but before we begin, there's a few things you'll need...

75ml Superhydrophobic Protecter Pump
Superhydrophobic Protecter Horsehair Applicator Brush
• Last but not least, sneakers.

1) Ensure sneakers are dust free and clean before use.
2) From a distance of 15cm spray evenly until surface is slightly damp all over.
3) Work protecter into materials in a circular motion with our Superhydrophobic Protecter Horsehair Applicator Brush.
4) Wait 15 minutes.
5) Repeat stages 2 & 3.
6) Leave to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

Our Superhydrophobic Protecter and Horsehair Applicator Brush are available as a kit here.

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