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Sneaker Laundry: Deep Clean Service

One of our most popular services on offer here at Sneaker Laundry Glasgow out of our wide range of sneaker/shoe-care services is the 'Deep Clean'.

This service costs £18 and involves a deep and thorough clean of the midsole, upper, insole, outsole  and even the laces- freshening up the entire trainer. 

Our Sneaker-Care Technicians have encountered hundreds of muddy/dirty trainers including beaters from being worn at gigs and music festivals. 

Sneakers that are sent in for a  'Deep Clean' service are tackled by our Sneaker-Care Technicians using our Sneakers ER products. In particular, the Professional Sneaker Cleaning Kit which consists of the Professional Sneaker Cleaning Solution and the Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush with Natural Fibres.

Here is an example of the results we achieved on a pair of New Balance 1500 after receiving the 'Deep Clean' service at our Sneaker Laundry. 

Check out the Sneaker Laundry Glasgow Instagram for more before and after images as well as the different products and services that we have on offer.

Alternatively, pop into the Sneaker Laundry in Glasgow's City Centre (11 Royal Exchange Square) in order to get helpful advice from our Sneaker-Care Technicians to find out what product or service may be best for your trainers.

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