Dank Customs White Leather Max 1/90 Hybrid

Posted on 13 July 2017

Custom Footwear Master Jake Danklefs pulls out another beautiful Max 1, Max 90 Hybrid.

Using a vintage Max 1 upper, presumably pre 2000s, with a modern Max 90 sole, Dank  marries them with the skill and finish expected by this seasoned professional.



This isn't your standard Hybrid as you can tell, time has been taken to age the midsole with an Off-White Patina to give this pair a final vintage look that is harmonious to the age of the upper.



Here at SneakersER we are highly impressed by the finished results, if you want to try your own Max 1/ Max 90 Hybrid use our Sole Bonder Glue for the easiest and best glue on the market.


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