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Angelus brand, past and present

 The Angelus brand has been around since 1907. Started by Greek immigrant
Paul T Angelos who originally came to Chicago and began working in the Shine Stands so popular in the era as a 'Bootblack'. After Relocating to Los Angeles he was then joined by family members and then began opening their own Shine stands in the city.
Soon the brand started manufacturing their own products to use in the shine stands and this side of the business took off and was successful during the 30's and 40's until the family sold the company in 1947.
The new owners did not share the same views on quality and the resulting dip in product standards saw the brand take a dip in popularity.
in 1953 the family bought the company back and began rebuilding the brand by replacing the sub standard product and moving back to the previous standards in quality.
Now the company has a wide range of product on the market and is the name used and trusted by the worlds leading sneaker customisers.
Here at Sneakerser we  proudly stock Angelus products in our online store and in our sneakerlaundry store in Glasgow and we are very excited to soon be announcing a long awaited collaboration between Angelus and Sneakerser!! As always, keep it locked to the blogand social media for further developments..

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