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adidas 'Iniki/I-5923'

The adidas Iniki (a favourite for us here at Sneakers ER) is now known by the name 'I-5923' and Till Jagla, the designer behind it, gives us an insight into the name change;

"The Name Iniki belongs to the past from now on. The name, that goes back to a Hawaiian hurricane was something new and everyone like the sound and vibe of it. But by end of the day it was a more or less random pick by the team. We have felt that this doesn’t do justice to the history behind the product concept and it’s origin.

When the Iniki Workstream has been kicked off, we wanted to create a shoe which “looks old from far, but is far from old” we wanted to bridge our heritage and latest technology.

The Iniki is mainly influenced by the adidas Mercury from 1985... 2 years ago when we went to the Archive to find the perfect “canvas” for the shoe we also opened the drawer with the number 5923. Behind this number we have finally found the perfect inspiration for the project, the Mercury.

The first, very limited pack, which introduces the new number consists two shoes. The “Banned” Version with a black tape above the word Iniki and the red version, which will be the “OG” version of the 5923.

To be honest I believe that people will still call it Iniki (and that’s more than fine) for a long time as this shoe has made such an impact in the global sneaker landscape, but somehow I feel its now a true Originals! btw did you already know that the last of the shoe is the 350 last? This is why the shape is so unbeatable!"

If you pick up any of the new I-5923's or the 'Iniki' then keep them protected with Sneakers ER Superhydrophobic Protecter.

The inspiration for the 'I-5923' - adidas Mercury. Image courtesty of @gumsolefeverrrr

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