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Yahae Japan Garabou Slipper Organic Cotton Socks - MEDIUM - PINK

Yahae Garabou Slipper socks

Colour: PINK

Size: Medium - 25-27cm

Organic Cotton

Made In Japan


We are a small sock factory that has been based in the town of Koryo, Nara Japan since 1921. The name of “yahae” comes from our ancestors , " Umamimura Yahei ".

It's been 200 years since the company was founded, and I've come to think about what it should be like to approach manufacturing.

There are three things I think are important.

Follow traditional manufacturing methods.

Appropriately add nifty ideas and design thinking with our sense of living in the present.

Imagine the future and build a sustainable sock industry.

Our approach to manufacturing seems new, but it's likely that our predecessors have tried the same.

“Yahae” is the culmination of our efforts to make socks with that in mind. I want to aim not only to make things, but to make something meaningful.

Based on the concept of "Quality materials, proud craftsmanship and Superior comfort.", We will deliver high quality and fashionable socks that you will want to give to someone.

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