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Bixby The Original Fine Tooth Comb - Amber

Bixby The Original Fine Tooth Comb

Colour: Amber

For fine to medium hair

With tin carry case

Our iconic comb collection is engineered for Optimum Drag which is the perfect distance between two adjacent bristles and their length, allowing for a clean even pull without damaging the scalp and hair.

Optimum Drag: 1.3 mm Head Gap * 19 mm Tooth Length

Carved from a solid sheet of ZYL |cellulose acetate|

Case forged From Grade A tin plate


Dimensions: 133mm Length, 5.5mm Width, 35mm Height


About Bixby . . .

Bixby is a true original, our iconic collection of utilitarian articles are engineered for comfort and crafted in small batches from the finest quality Zyl sheets. 

Your Bixby begins from a solid sheet of Zyl, then skilled craftsmen carefully carve and heat-form the contours using traditional shaping techniques.
There are well over 100 steps that go into crafting your Bixby from start to finish.

We start by working directly with the artisans who design the unique patterns in the Material.

Zyl sheets were first prepared in the late 1800's, a high-performance thermoplastic derived from pulverized cotton and tree fibres valued for its soft natural feel and brilliant hues.

Its unique combination of properties makes it a perfect material for optical frames and combs.