Angelus Suede Dye - PINK


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Angelus Suede Dye - PINK
Angelus Suede Dye - PINK
Angelus Suede Dye - PINK


Deep Colour Liquid Suede Dye that will colour and restore all nubuck and nappy suede sneakers.


  • Deep colour sneaker suede dye
  • 88.7ml
  • Made in USA.


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Ensure that sneakers are dust free and clean before use, for best results when cleaning use Sneakers ER Professional Sneaker Cleaning Solution
  3. Lay the box front face down and pop open the perforated back to allow the bottle to sit inside (this helps to keep the bottle stable and prevents spills)
  4. Dip wool dauber into the dye and wipe off excess on the bottleneck
  5. Apply evenly to the side surface of sneakers
  6. Allow to dry thoroughly (approx 24 hours)
  7. On nappy suede, during the drying process work up the suede map by gently brushing with a cleaning brush or the like.


  • Use in a well-ventilated room or outside when possible
  • Use gloves at all times
  • When doing detailed work it is advisable to "mask off" any areas with masking tape that you do not want to be exposed to the dye and we also advise using a flat brush instead of the wool dauber brush
  • Lay out old newspapers to avoid a mess in case of spillage.

*Please Note
It is possible to dye lighter colours darker but not darker colours to light.

Angelus Suede Dye - PINK
Angelus Suede Dye - PINK
Angelus Suede Dye - PINK